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Wugshy: an onomatopoeic representation of the sounds people make towards to babies and people they are close to.

Also including but not withstanding people who are considered to be a bit strange in a social context.
1) Is this your baby? awwwww wugshy wugshy wugshy
2) Look at that guy over there twitching and crosseyed. Yeah he's a little bit wugshy
by Jt1234567890 August 03, 2011
"To dish" is a verb that loosely means "to rant" It is generally used in informal settings and is less forceful than "to bitch" but is more forceful than "to discuss."
I called up Jake because I wanted to dish about the football game.
by jt1234567890 April 13, 2016
A secret, underground phone network that all African-Americans use to communicate with each other. Popularized by Omar Epps in the hit drama House, the "brother hotline" is thought to be the means of communication responsible for all major events in African-American history, from Nat Turner's Rebellion to the Million Man March.
My homie called Obama on the brother hotline because he wanted to dish about food stamps.
by jt1234567890 April 13, 2016
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