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Used to be a good basketball team, now, in 2006, they suck eggs.
"Epiphanny Prince, a 17-year-old New York girl, broke the city's high school girls' basketball scoring record when she scored 113 points in a game this week, leading her team to a 137-132 victory. To be fair, they were playing the New York Knicks."
by Jsdkg dwauifhsa June 16, 2006
Something Miami won for the first time because

A. Dwyane Wade (the MVP) put up impressive numbers and beat all the odds, including leading his team to 4 straight wins, 1 of those in which Miami was down 13 points in the final quarter with 6 minutes and another of which was the winning one in dallas

B. Dallas played like crap while in miami

C. Did I mention Dwyane Wade put up impressive numbers?
"3 seconds left. Jason Terry shoots the 3...Misses! Dwyane Wade gets the rebound! And the Miami Heat win the NBA Finals 2006, their first title in franchise history!"
by Jsdkg dwauifhsa June 22, 2006

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