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The act of speeding by the winner of a street race at a high rate of speed, after losing said street race.

Passing the lead car in a street race, after the race has clearly ended. Usually performed because the loser is upset at the outcome of the race, and is secretly crying inside.

AKA: ricer buzz-by, ricer blow-by
After losing the race, Jimmy did a ricer flyby to avenge his loss.
by Jrod April 08, 2004
A TV Show that pits amateur dancers against each other in head to head competition. Hosted by Kel Mitchell and Fredro Starr and with DJ K-Sly dropping some fresh hip hop beats, its an insane combination of attitude, humor, and wild dance moves. It's pretty funny to watch really.
I'm gunna go watch some DANCE THREE SIX OOOO tonight!
by Jrod December 29, 2004
Curious variety of female that tend to travel in packs of three. They have a group hierarchy and tend to be more agressive then guys in the pursuit of sexual activity. There is also a dominant female that tends to be more agressive then the other two in the pack.
Similar to a group of slampigs.
"The party sluts are here, everyone is getting laid."
"Erin is a big party slut"
by Jrod November 06, 2002
Something you may call if you're with a bunch of seat checking nazis. If more than half the people agree to the seat scramble, all current seat checks are void.
So the ten of us got up to shoot some hoops at halftime, and seat checks were called. As we were heading in, Jon called a seat scramble, and everybody started grabbing new seats. Because of it, I ended up losing my massaging recliner.
by jrod June 18, 2004
When one female gives another female a genuine compliment.
Ashlee gave Megan a lesbiment today by stating that she loved her hair style and that her shoes were absolutely amazing.
by JRod September 19, 2012
guy from tx not san antonio who will absolutley drop your ass.
JROD dropped your ass bitch.
by jrod March 10, 2005

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