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a pantyfan who is not noticable in the fandom, but if you look close enough you’ll notice that they’re there. Closet pantyfans, closet fans.
1. Willow was a thong fan of Tara before she came out and admitted she was gay.

2. "Bones? Oh yeah, I sometimes watch that," the thong fan said, while covertly deleting her secret file of David Boreanaz photos.
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by JoyTKP September 28, 2006
a fan who wets his/her panties over the person or persons after which they fan. (Not a derogatory term.)
1. "omg omg omg i love you omg omg i want to have your babies omg," the pantyfan said.

2. noun: The Beatles had many pantyfans.
verb: Lots of people pantyfanned The Beatles.
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by JoyTKP September 24, 2006
the hardcore can-can pantyfan. They like to show off the extent of their fanness, and exist to be seen by who they fan after and also other fans. They are often showy, decorative, and ubiquitous.
"I'm such a bloomer fan for Imogen Heap that I made this sparkly t-shirt with her face on it and am going to wear it while chained to her mailbox so all the press comes to cover my hunger strike and in so doing promote Immi because I am her number one fan!" said the bloomer fan.
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by JoyTKP September 28, 2006
true 100% pantyfan. This fan is always with the person they fan after, right down to the end, in a way that is reliable rather than ostentatious. These fans are comfortable with their fanness.

Chewbacca was a cotton pantyfan of Han Solo.
#fangril #fanboy #fan #fandom #squee #pantyfan
by JoyTKP September 28, 2006
a pantyfan who is there for the people he/she fans over, but never bothers to follow or stalk them. They’re there, stars use 'em, but they give stars room to breath.
1. "I'll see Sophie Solomon if she comes to my state or something, but it's not like I'm going to fly over to the UK just to press my lips to the hem of her skirt, or anything," said the boxers fan.
#fangril #fanboy #fan #fandom #squee #pantyfan
by JoyTKP September 28, 2006
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