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1. Someone who has difficulty determining right from left

2. Someone who often confuses directions, and prefers visual aids.

3. Someone who has great difficulty reading maps and/or driving while listening to directions.

Can be spelt using a hyphen, if needed.
Are you directionally challenged? I told you to turn left two blocks ago; we're going to be late now!

Woman: You just turned left instead of right.

Man: I'm sorry, I'm directionally-challenged.
by Joy Rising March 26, 2010
1. When you are so tired, everything you say or type comes out misspelled, or as nonsense.

2. When lack of sleep prevents you from generating a coherent sentence in conversation.
on surfin' bird
1. Are you aware that the word is the bird?

ugh.. I meant bird is the word*

Sorry, I'm having insomnia dyslexia tonight.

2. rotlf, lamo
Damnit, I'm a moron. I can't spell tonight; blame my insomnia dyslexia.
by Joy Rising April 22, 2010

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