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when a chik lays flat on her stomach (naked) and an illusiv young man comes from behind and places his john thomas in her ass and starts rocking to a fro in the shape of a banana. quite amusing may i add especially on dutch porn channels.
lets do it banana style.
by Jox March 19, 2003
The hottest hangout in the history of mankind. Also known as "NT" www.newstoday.com
"Oi! You! Where ya been?"
"Sup beyotch, me been browsin' NT"
"No kiddin dawg, ditto!"
by Jox September 17, 2003
Rigel Santos is a wild animal usually of the asian kind. Bred from the biggest ballas in balla nayshun. Kid rolls deep dont fuck with him. Navy Seal Crack Dilla Fookt Up On XTC, Uzi's n shit.
"shit man i roll with rigel"
"i'm hungry lets have a rigel"
by jOX January 26, 2005
n Assorted randomness.
adj Dealing with assorted randomness.
That's too mantako for me.
by jox February 23, 2004
adj.Dealing with an avid internet user.
That jox guy's cool.
by jox February 23, 2004

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