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In England the 'Don' can refer to an event, a person, a thing, a place.. anything.

If a person is the 'Don' then they are very good at something or are in charge. If something is the 'Don' then it is great, brilliant.

When saying this it is recognized in the individual that it comes from the mafia.

If someone has something donned then they have it owned.
"Your the don"
and even phrases like "You had that donned"
Donned is also becoming a more frequently used word derived from 'the don'.

You can also say "The Don Delouise" (Excuse the spelling) which is an exclamation of how great someone or something is. Comes from the famous Mafia Don.

"I am the Don Delouise (at this)" means: I am brilliant (at this).
by Jowy the almighty roar October 26, 2009

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