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When a user on Facebook "likes" another users comment left on a status without donating their two cents in the actual conversation at hand.

Reasons for this maybe because:

(1) have nothing to contribute to the status.
(2) don't want to receive useless notifications by liking/commenting the actual status or
(3) it was that damn good of a comment and worthy of receiving props.
Chervony: "Molly keeps Ghost Liking the comments I leave on Diaz' status'! It's like she's here with us listening to our every word!"

Ben Dover: "I feel her presence in this status."

(Chervony and Ben Dover embrace each other in fear)
by Jovan606 July 29, 2010
Inspired by the film, "Twilight" which has ruined the repute of vampires from mysterious ghoulish beings to schizophrenic homosexuals.

1. A group of followers who denude and then spoliates the grandeur of anything entertaining, admired or respected, and fags it up with over-estimation, over-appraisal, obsession and nonsensical worship and fanaticism.

2. An individual who participates in anything entertaining, admired or respected, and pollutes it with no skill, talent or expertise and then is praised and applauded for their work by other twilites and those unfamiliar to the craft or métier.
"Twilites are ruining the rap game with their obsession with twilites such as: Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane."

"Only a twilite would read Twilight after watching the film."

"We almost lost the Joker to twilites because after the release of 'The Dark Knight', everyone wanted to paint their face and show you a neat pencil trick."
by Jovan606 July 21, 2009
When a Facebook user on their mobile device "likes" a comment by saying, "spirit like @ so and so's comment" because FB mobile* lacks that function

*This term will become obsolete if Facebook ever installed that function for mobile.
FB Status: "Twilight is the best move in the history of all vampire movies. "

Chervony: "I will murder you if you ever update your status with that outrageous belief again."

Maria: "'spirit like' @ Chervony's comment."

Chervony: "Thanks! Maria :)"
by Jovan606 August 07, 2010

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