11 definitions by Journas

"puta que pariu"; equivalent of "FUCKING HEEL!";"GODDAMN!" and other bad-mouthed interjections
Bitch that gave birth, I have an exam tomorrow, and forgot to stufy!
by Journas October 09, 2003
a gathering of individuals, all of them male.

a party with no females, during which males end up burping, lighting farts and drinking idiotic amounts of beer.
i went to Jason's, but left immediatly...I was in no mood for another hose party
by Journas October 09, 2003
Something between one's eyes
A mosquito bit me in the interview
by Journas October 12, 2003
person with just one functional eye
David Bowie is semiotic
by Journas October 09, 2003

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