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This mythical creature was originally a half breed of a unicorn and a racoon and bread for its mystical powers and fantastic climbing ablilities.Originally found in a land called Qualicum beach by a young geographer named Patrick Hooney,this creature has a horn that sticks from the middle of its head and a white tuft of hair in the middle of its chest.
"Was that a friggin racoonicorn that just booked it by?"
by JounA December 25, 2004
when a female (or a male) gives so much head they get a bruise on their chin from the testicles smacking vigerously upon it.
"whoA did you see brendas sackjaw?"
by JounA December 31, 2004
it can be used as a word to explain somethings greatness or lameness,it can be used instead of OMG and can pretty much be used anytime....
"I saw her and all i could think was OUN"
"that game was so good,the graffics were just oun"
by JounA December 25, 2004

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