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Maybe the most maligned sign in the whole zodiac.
They have a bad reputation of being dull, cold-hearted, self-absorbed opportunists who disgust others by their excessive emphasis on responsability and personal ambition. They are shy, reserved and highly suspicious of others, and prefer being alone than becoming part of any type of group. ''Work and no play'' becomes their motto, as Capricorns are perseverant, tough and no-nonsense when it comes to reaching goals.

People misunderstand Capricorns due to their social persona, one which is known to be inaccessible, gloomy and even a little bit strange. Most resent their bitterness, discriminatory hate for superficiality, and arrogance. Those who know them more personally appreciate their black, witty sense of humor, their intense loyalty and affection to friends and family, their sense of timing, of centeredness and of quality in whatever they do and their analytical, sensitive and very profound intellects. Many of genius caliber have been born under this sign, including Edgar Allan Poe, Isaac Asimov, David Bowie among many others.
Person 1: ''He was seating on the same spot all the time, boring, anxious, without anything interesting to add....Had to be a Capricorn''
Person 2; ''Delve into him a little more and I bet he'll be a pleasant surprise''
by Jotace December 06, 2008

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