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1. Possibly the most pwnsauce race in World of Warcraft.

2. Slang for greatness.
1. "There's nothing more Horde than being an orc warlock."

2. "What an orc thing to do."
by Josie Sphincter July 11, 2008
The disgraceful race of Horde in the game World of Warcraft. Compared to orcs, undead, taurens and trolls they are pussies. They look like they belong on Alliance. Made available on the expansion pack 'Burning Crusade'.
1. "Blood Elf? I thought you said you were Horde."

2. "There's nothing more gay than a faggot and there's nothing more faggot than Alliance and there's nothing more Alliance than Blood Elves." - Novaraven
by Josie Sphincter July 11, 2008
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