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it meanz dat sum1 iz sexy. it meanz tha same as sexy, but juzt spelt differently.
daym...he wush lookin sexci 2nyt ;)
by JoSiE August 21, 2004
the sukiest band in the world. they will never get started. their drummer cant play for shit, she think she can but she aint got the props to play da game wow that was ghetto and the lead singer sounds like a dying monkey. but the guitarist is cool.
Just Another Kid will never begin
by josie October 09, 2003
best god damn band ever, but they are becoming famous i hope they dont become sell outs but they still kick ass
Rufio Rufio Ru-Fi-O!!!
by josie October 09, 2003
1.(n) the entire region of the female genitalia. Usually sited with teenagers from PTC. The Muffin phrase came from when Lizzy and Josie and Sarah was coming up with new word for pussy. then lizzy says "muffin" we say muffin.
2. (The Muffins) an act preformed by five women that includes headbanging and makeing out. this is generally preformed in front of a large autience and in the school.
1. Does your muffin hang low does it wobble to and frow? (is that possible?)

2. The Muffins were booed away from the school dance contest but continued head bangin long after the music was suspended. The Mufifn Queen shook the rrom and later her neck hurt.
by Josie February 24, 2005
a man who steals all of his humor from another place, and claims it as his own
He Twigged his best material from Comedy Central.
by Josie January 04, 2005
Talk Shit Bitches! A group of females who run their mouthes about anyone and everyone and dont really give a damn!!!!!!!( Gp) life of the party!!!
josie, santina, jenn, mari, danny,
rachel,pebble, bybee, xtina, bird, cyrina,steph..
are "TSB"
by JOSIE December 07, 2004
It meanz sexy...like very sexy, but just spelt differently but means tha same word
woah! chu iz sexshie ;)
by JoSiE August 21, 2004

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