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o3o depicts the o's as eyes (like o_o), and the '3' as a puckered up mouth.
Natanya: I just got my tablet in the mail today... so shinyyy... o3o

Nick: Dude, I love your hair. o3o

Matthew: I think I just swallowed a fly. o3o
by Joshua Squires September 21, 2006
A website used to upload pictures onto the internet for public viewing, mostly among online friends.
Okay, I just finished my drawing, lemme scan and put it on Photobucket.
by Joshua Squires September 17, 2005
An awesome Christian Indie Rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Their albums consist of "Safe from the Losing Fight" and "Apparitions of Melody". Some of their best songs are "Safety in the Darkness", "Phoenix with a Heartache", "Last Day of 1888", and "We Are".
Person 1: Hey, I just got two tickets to go to that "Kids in the Way" concert in town.
Person 2: Holy crap, man, can I come with you?
Person 3: There has to be an easier way to write an example for a band name.
by Joshua Squires June 05, 2006
A pair of British brothers who make Flash movies. The members of Super Flash Bros are: Dim, the main animator, and Tom, the actionscriptor.
Two of their most popular works are the Another Day series, and the Decline of Video Gaming series.
Super Flash Bros can own Legendary Frog any day...
by Joshua Squires October 05, 2005
The hexadecimal color code for a shade of medium orange that is often associated with homosexuality. Seriously, orange? I'd think it'd be a nice bright shade of pink such as FD97E6.
dude1: ur such a F49907 lol
dude2: Actually, I'm more of a FC92E7 myself.
dude3: All this hexadecimal is making me 2545EA...
by Joshua Squires May 30, 2007
Southeastern Missouri term. Not sure if it's known of elsewhere. "Fairing off" pretty much means calming down, or clearing up when it comes to weather. Used if the weather has been pretty bad recently.
"Hey, do you think the rain's gonna fair off today?"

"I think it's been pretty much fairing off over the last two days. Maybe it'll be faired off enough to have a picnic tomorrow."
by Joshua Squires July 16, 2006
Southeastern Missouri term. Not sure if it's known of elsewhere. To inflate; to fill with air.
Near the back of the car... BAM!!
Passenger: What was that??
Driver: -sigh- I think we've got a flat tire. I'm gonna have to air it up.
Driver pulls over to the side of the road, gets out his inflator thingy to air up the tire, and bla bla bla you get the point.
by Joshua Squires July 16, 2006

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