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A Huntavos is a legendary Mexican Freedom Fighter. Though to have accomplished much, he actually did very little in restoring Mexico's or his own independence. A Huntavos is also known to smell of old gravy and salsa, mixed together.
Get that Huntavos away from me, he's soiling my good linens.
by Joshua P. Oleander May 03, 2011
A Roman Warrior living in modern times. Ryannas often ride their mother's bike to collect tasty YooHoo treats that often give them explosive diarrhea. It is Turkish folklore that if a Huntavos and a Ryanna come into contact, the world can end in the time it takes to watch an episode of Full House.
I was cleaning the bathroom the other day and found the remains of a Ryanna Durham.
by Joshua P. Oleander May 03, 2011
A McMorgan is one of the sweatier mammals of our day. McMorgans are known to repeatedly lift heavy objects over their head, for no reason. The usual attire of a McMorgan is something sweaty, often a raggedy Packers shirt, soiled with a cheese product. A McMorgan can, will, and may imitate a tornado at any given time. This is when a McMorgan is most dangerous. They like making purses too.
At Sonic the other day, I saw what I believed to be a McMorgan lifting his car over his head to prove that if he didn't receive his Breakfast Toaster in a timely manner, he possessed the ability to make everyone's day a little worse. I immediately offered my sweet tea as a sacrifical offering to this McMorgan beast who obviously escaped the zoo only moments earlier. Scary, son.
by Joshua P. Oleander May 03, 2011

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