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Veganism is the ideas and underlying principles and beliefs as to why a person inevitably adopts a vegan diet. 'Vegan' only defines the type of diet.

Veganism has a commonality in principles, but is not exclusive, nor limited to the following;

Ethical - enabling animals to have rights to prevent torture, rape and murder of all sentient beings.

Environmental Sustainability - The impact animal production has on world. Ref. United Nations Report '07: Livestock’s long shadow.

Health - Global Famine, The shortening of life spans, and obesity ~ mainly heart related illnesses. Animal born Diseases, Athleticism.

People adopt some, the whole or no beliefs, yet are still vegans. The main point is that whatever path we have taken; it was a strong enough conviction to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
Q: How could you be a vegan, yet not believe in veganism?
A: Simple, by adopting the diet, yet rejecting the principles.
by Joshua Langley May 01, 2007
a 1337 programmer who thinks very highly of himself. Fairly intelligent who doesn't have the development skillz to pay the billz yet.
that's so langerz.....
by Joshua Langley January 09, 2007
A person who tries to wear a "I'm saving the animals" badge, with going to little to no effort, by eating fish instead of our 4-legged friends (GM Chicken).

They are considered annoying, as they have no moral grounding, hence the play with words, "Pesky"+"tarian".
'Yeah I don't like to eat animals, only fish as they have no feelings and have short memories'

'Oh I c, ur a Peskitarian...'
by Joshua Langley May 03, 2007

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