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Derogatory term for homosexual male used almost exclusively by Jamaicans.
Brady Quinn is a boti boy.
by Joshua K May 08, 2006
wankered, hammered, pissed, drunk,rat-arsed, fucked, nackered, poleaxed.

full of alcohol/under the influence.
"i said let's get pissed but not steaming wankered like jeeves"
by Joshua K November 10, 2003
A piece of fecal matter distinguished by its length to girth ratio of 4:1 or greater and having a wrinkled texture, typically associated with insufficient hydration.
That wrinkled brown trout I dropped looked good enough to eat.
by Joshua K May 08, 2006
A web-based community where the frightening future of america is on display and reveals just how far our society has fallen. Typical fare includes roid filled dudes posting pictures of their shirtless bodies revealing tribal tattoos and scantily clad females with nothing more to say than hit me up or only talk to me if your hott and sexxi. Lately, a venue for C-list actors to troll for women and swarthy middle aged dudes posing as psuedo-therapists for 16 year-old females with little to no self-esteem who's parents "suck." Now owned by Rupert Murdoch.
I can't interact with ladies in person so hopefully I can get some play on my space.
by Joshua K May 08, 2006
Referring to a conical shaped joint that includes tobacco and marijuana and includes a small filter. Often rolled from creating a "L" shape turned 90 degrees counterclockwise to create a joint of substantial length. Smoked like a cigarette as the tobacco affords a smoothness not typical of straight marijuana joints. Often toked 3-4 times before passing creating a more peaceful smoking atmosphere. The name is derived from, you guessed it, the Dutch, whom like most of the same weed smokers in the world have enough sense to mix marijuana and tobacco for added flavor and smoothness.
We smoked three dutchies then I watched this infomercial about the Rondo 3000.
by Joshua K May 08, 2006
A protestant faith. Major tenants of their beliefs consist of pacifism, believer's baptism, and a penchant towards social justice and equality. Loose translation; the guys cry alot and are copious pussy eaters, and the girls are dikey, earthy and typically progressive. Damn good people. Fascinated with lame board games and all around do gooding. Not to be confused with their terrorist cousins the Amish.
Delmar won't fight you because he is a mennonite.
by Joshua K May 08, 2006

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