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To completely messup your last day of work on purpose. Just like Zidane messed up his last football match in the world cup final against Italy.
After you have been sacked, you can zidane your workplace by:

Mixing up files
Erasing stuff of others computer
Putting viruses on the computers
Telling your boss what others think of him/her
Making obscene phone calls to customers
Headbutting your colleague

etc etc

Bobby: Sorry to hear you have been sacked Sarah, when do you have to clear your desk?
Sarah: It'sno big deal, I leave on friday, the office is going to get totally Zidaned
by joshdajoker April 30, 2008
A poker term. Similar to rivered except the card that helps your opponents hand is the 4th card instead of the 5th.
Jack has As Ks
Jane has Ah Qh

Flop comes Ad 10d Kd
Turn comes Jd

Jack was turned.
by Joshdajoker April 13, 2008
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