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2 definitions by Josh_am

One that cuts themselves or harms themselves in any way. Usaully to express emotion pain. "NORMALY" cutters will hide their scars as well as possible. There are some who cut simply for attention and disply their scars. NOT ALL CUTTERS THAT DONT HIDE THEIR SCARS ARE ATTENTION CUTTERS. Some cutters beleive that cuting is their escape and they shouldnt have to hide it. If you know someone cuts, dont nag that person to stop or taunt them. This will lead to more self injury.
Brad- "Did you see his arms?"
Tony- "Yeah I did."
Brad- "He's a cutter."
Tony- "I wonder why."
Brad- "Dude, everyone picks on him."
Tony- "Poor dude."
by Josh_am February 14, 2007
Exclamitory phrase used when a guy or girl sees a hot guy/girl in tight spandex pants....woo hoo!
"OMG! See him!"
"Hell yes, look at them pants"
by Josh_am December 11, 2007