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Any word that is connected to the arts.
Hey dude, what's a Chezar? Don't know man, but it sounds like an artword.

Mom, what's a Braque-triptych? don't know dear, but I think it's an artword.

by Josh de Castro May 18, 2006
The political strategy of the 2005-2006 Democratic Party to win back the White House, Senate and Congress by simply doing nothing but attack Bush.
Hillary: Hey Chairman Dean, shall we pull out of Iraq?
Dean: I don't know Hil, but let us just attack Bush.
Hillary: But I think that is lunacy.
Dean: Then that would be our legacy. Let's ask Al Gore.
Al Gore: That is lugacy!! Leave me out of it! I'm waiting for global warming.
Ted Kennedy: Don't make the mistakes I've made.
Joe Biden: I'll never be president....sigh
by Josh de Castro May 18, 2006
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