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A form of submission grappling based on the modern principles of IBJJF-style gi Jiu Jitsu. You wear TWO jackets and TWO pairs of long pants that extend well below your feet. Tournaments are points only. First sub results in a warning and reset to guard, second sub and you're automatically DQ'd. The main rule is that you have to be grabbing either the jacket or pants with at least one hand at all times. You get points for holding onto clothes- either your opponents' or your own- with both hands for 30 secs. You also get points for pulling guard, going upside down, or staying in place.
Josh: "Hey, you wanna train some nogi today? I wanna work on my rolling kimura to leg scissors."

Chris: "Nah, I'm not feelin' all that moving around and submitting each other. I'd be down for some Twogi rolling tho!"
by Josh Wexler April 02, 2015
your mom's mom is gay (insult used to trump "ymig")
Joshua: "I like this look you've got going here- very emo."

Lauren: "ymig"

Joshua: "ym'smig"

Lauren: "Damn. I didn't see that coming. You win."
by Josh Wexler December 24, 2008
your mom's vagina is gay (used as an insult)
"I just like you as a friend."

by Josh Wexler December 23, 2008
your mom is gay
Girl Text: "We're broken up now. Why do you keep texting me all the time?"

Guy Text: "ymig"
by Josh Wexler December 20, 2008
Fuck Your Mom Later." Textspeak for "see you later.
TM1: Gettin on the plane now. See ya when I get back.

by Josh Wexler September 06, 2010
fuck your mom
Sundog: That girl ever call you back, Wex?

Wex: fym

"Do you like cucumbers in your pho?"


by Josh Wexler December 22, 2008

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