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Realistically,a "teeny bopper" is a young American between the ages of 12 and 19 who are very easily manipulated by pop culture.Often critisized because of their inability to think for themselves,"teeny boppers" also have a bad reputation for doing whatever pop culture tells them to do to fit in and be "cool" or "down with it".They are very easy targets for sex,profits of different sorts,and prep crowd poularity contests.Their self inflicted drama(which is often orchestrated through wispers,text messaging,gossip and appearance)can safely be regarded as gospel.Generally speaking,they base everything in all aspects of their lives off of appearance and are refered to by mature adults as "shallow".This will never go away in the American society and will only manifest as pop culture becomes even more ignorant.The only cure is for them to take education seriously and find faith in their lives.But since everything is a joke now-a-days,don't get your hopes up for this happening anytime in the next millenium!
Teeny boppers on "American Idol",teeny boppers on MTV.(sad to say;MTV used to be a music channel!)A fatal flaw in a well established American society that values honor,God,integrity, education and respect.When these "teeny boppers" become adults,they will be the ones to strip these essential ingredients from the American heart,essentialy,making them more dangerous than the "terrorists" themselves.
by Josh Romero May 28, 2006

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