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1. Strategically conversing, praising, flirting, affirming, consoling, and/or protecting an individual or group to gain favor and/or perceived situational advantage.
1. If Brad would stop kissing ass for two seconds he might realize that he is making a fool of himself by praising the obviously flawed report.
by Josh McVey July 31, 2008
1. An individual who has surpassed merely swinging off my nuts and is so exaggeratedly kissing ass they are disdained.
2. A homosexual male.
1. That Cock Climber won't shut up about how great the bosses' plan is.
2. If he wants to be a Cock Climber that is his business, it is ludicrous to suggest government try and control the private consensual acts of adults.
by Josh McVey July 31, 2008

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