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The process through which, Americans abuse their language, and generate words through random conjunctions. Usually redneck in origin, these words eventually become acceptable in society as a whole.
I.E. Ya'll/y'all; as in y'all come back now ya' hear?
you'ins see y'all.
fixinta; as in fixinta go put my gun away.
gosinda; as in 2 gosinda 4 twice.

By god if american conjunctivitis won't be the death of the English language...
by Josh McG January 17, 2007
combination of Crap and Titanic. Similar in nature to "Hindentanic" meaning that something is so obviously flawed that it will fail on the first use. Coined in this connotation by me shortly after the movie Titanic came out, and has been in use ever since.
That craptanic went down HARD! (said of mousercatbot's first match in battlebots)
by Josh McG January 17, 2007
Any public show that is known to suck, but has yet to fail. Often used to describe poor fireworks displays that were nowhere near as good as advertised.
"Man, that fireworks show last night in Roanoke was craptacular
by Josh McG January 17, 2007
verb ~ The term used when a person might as well be sleeping naked because they are hanging out of their clothing anyways.
"Man, my girlfried freaked out because I was sleeping japanese."
by Josh McG November 10, 2005

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