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A movement in the art of Parkour designed to clear an obstacle using the hands. Execution involves running towards an obstacle of about waist height, jumping about 1-2 feet before the obstacle and placing the hands on the desired object. You should then tuck your knees in towards your chest and your momentum force your body forwards. When clear of the object, release your tuck and prepare for landing by slightly bending your legs and extending your hands to absorb the impact. If performed from a height, a roll should be implemented to reduce shock further.
"I just did a speed vault over that wall there."
"Really? I would have used a kong."
#kong #parkour #le parkour #knog #speed vault
by Josh Knill September 16, 2006
A movement in the art of Parkour used to clear obstacles at speed. This involves running at a high speed towards an obstacle and placing one hand on the object, swinging the legs clear and continuing running. This vault is highly effective and can easily be adapted to other vaults such as turn vaults and certain underbar variations.
"Dude! That speed vault was so fluid!"
#speed #parkour #pk #fluid #vault
by Josh Knill September 16, 2006
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