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A slang term for somebody who engages in sexual acts with fruit, particularly Bananas, Cucumbers, Watermelons and Pineapples.

The name stems from the word "Bicycle", where due to the strain of the fruit sex, the person ends up walking like they are riding a bike...
"Oh, that Emma, She's such a Pricycle"
"Yeah, that little fruit buggerer"
by Josh Knight April 20, 2006
A pet name for a lover or close friend. Particularly used for friends or lovers of some considerable size or girth.
Aww! I love you, Plumpy!
by Josh Knight April 20, 2006
Squitcicles are long, dangly formations of poo, usually formed around a man's anus, due to long unkempt hair found in this region.

Squitcicles are generally painful to remove, requiring a long, and slow pull, in order to slide them off the hair, without ripping the hair out by the roots. An alternative method of eliminating Squitcicles is to run them under warm, soapy water, as this dissolves the fecal matter, and leaves the hair sanitised in the process. However, this is not always possible in public.

Squitcicles are usually the result of a bad, or incorrect method of wiping, or sometimes resulting in no wiping whatsoever. Some people enjoy the sexual act of eating others squitcicles. These people are generally referred to with the term "Freak".
I'll be out of the toilet in a minute, Mum. I'm just wiping off these Squitcicles.
by Josh Knight April 20, 2006

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