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when you're walking in school or something and you just happen to to look at someone and they are staring at you, so you stare back. this staring at each other happens multiples of times, causing you and this other person to have a "staring relationship".
Raven- man, some guy is like burning a hole through my face.

Joshua- what do you mean?

Raven- some guy in my first period class stares at me all the time.

Joshua- well maybe he was staring at you cause you're just so darn-good delectable.

Raven- truuuuuuuuuuuuuue

Joshua- i was kidding.

Raven- oh.

Joshua- haha yeah well you're now in a staring relationship... arent they great?

Raven- lmao, sure guy, w/e you say...
by Josh Doe Smith September 09, 2006

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