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4 definitions by Josh Butler

A non-specific sound made by teaching-figures when thinking about things.
'Listening in on other people's conversations isn't very polite, hrmm.'
by Josh Butler May 22, 2005
36 10
n. An occurance of uber-greatness. Needless suffixes compulsory.
"Woah, did you see Mrs. Roman's head explode in English? It was the uberageness!"
by Josh Butler May 22, 2005
4 1
A bit like an orgasm, but not quite. Originally used to describe a cheap but delicious icecream made by students (and named from the surname of one those students) with own-brand vanilla icecream and peanut butter, now it can be used towards any pleasurable experience that isn't quite an orgasm. Antonym, see: Beckers.
"I'm out of desserts but I could totally mix up a batch of kiggins." (Archaic)

"You know, I hear we can actually have snow days at uni."
"What, like no lectures? That would be so kiggins."
by Josh Butler October 21, 2007
3 4
An awful or very unpleasant experience, defined best as 'a bit like dying but not quite.' Created as the antithesis of Kiggins the word is similarly derived from a fellow student's surname.
"I tried juggling fire last week but I was drunk so-"
"Too much cider?"
"No, Strongbow - anyway, I was juggling fire clubs but ended up catching the hot end with my face."
by Josh Butler October 21, 2007
3 11