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Elysia is a 5-piece Deathcore band from Sacramento, California. Originally called Elysium's Revenge, the band was started in 2003 while the members were just freshmen and sophomores in high school. Since 2003, they have released 2 EPs and one full album, and have had 2 US tours despite almost constant lineup changes, and almost breaking up completely a few times. Having settled into a more solid lineup, the band has currently finished writing there second album "Lions Of Judas" and it is set for 6/10/08.

Elysia has many notable songs in the hardcore scene.

Triumph - "My Thumbs Are In Your Eyes, And They Keep Fucking Pushing"

Filthy - "Dig A Ditch, And Bury The Bitch"

Incinerate - "Who's The Fucking Faggot Now"
by Josh Bentley April 06, 2008

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