2 definitions by Josh AKA jesus from mc

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1. A jerk

2. An Asshole

3. Someone With turbo aids

4. An Unstable Cracker who shoots Unstable Niggers.
What the fuck that guy is a fucking Douche Bag
by Josh AKA Jesus from mc February 27, 2009
Turbo Aids-

A definiton of Aids with super strength-

Origin- 1. Me because I am fucking jesus and i said so asshole


(Ter-Boe-Ai-De-S) TURBO AIDS

1. Now Turbo Aids is a common disease of faggots and the people mowing your lawn- (Mexicans)

2. Yeah turbo aids basicly means like...you have aids..and um your a faggot and like not only do you have aids but you also like suck really ba which makes it turbo aids...

3. Me, Jesus, A loyal man with turbo Aids that lives in the Ghetto and a nobal gangster who shoots unstable niggers like Ryan.
om-feh-guh (OMFG) That chick I boned last night had turbo aids.

Fuck i am so fucked I gots myself teh TURBO AIDS!!

Lol I fucked ryan last night and he has turbo aids now lawl
by Josh AKA jesus from mc February 27, 2009

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