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Lisa is funny, smart, and artsy. She's a hopeless romantic and can be just a little clingy. She's the type of girl who doesn't attend that kickin' party, but comes over to help clean up after everyone leaves. Lisa is shy around new people, especially boys older than her, but is capable of getting along with any person, anytime. Lisa is the girl who WANTS a boy that will make her laugh and forget the world, but NEEDS a boy who can give her stability and undying love. She's into poetry and other forms of the written word, and loves to write, herself. Art is an escape for her, as she's prone to periods of depression, where she may consider suicide. She's modest, and doesn't like to be overly critical of others. A Lisa is sensitive, and she hates to be yelled at.
1: Hey, who's that pretty little wallflower over there reading?

2: Oh, that's Lisa.
by Josephine Goldfinch July 21, 2010
(V.) To find a lost item, and keep it without seeking out its rightful owner.

(N.) One who pirates.
1: Dude, nice watch!

2: Thanks, I pirated it
by Josephine Goldfinch July 21, 2010
Adj; used to describe something awesome when you're in company with people who wouldn't appreciate the term kick-ass. Often used with the word totally in front of it.
1) This party is going to be so kick!
2) Allison is so totally kick.
by Josephine Goldfinch December 21, 2010
Noun; North-eastern state in the USA, hicks everywhere you look, and better than your state, bitches. Why? Because we've got chocolate, farms, and the longest winters you'll ever see in your life. No, we aren't ALL idiots, it's just that most of the smart people decide to get the hell out before the hick germs contaminate them. And, yes, we DO always refer to it as PA.
dude 1) Hey, you wanna go to Pennsylvania to visit a farm and eat some chocolate?
dude 2) No way, man. It's colder than a Russian winter in that hick-hole.
by Josephine Goldfinch December 21, 2010

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