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A long buttoned coat, for both men and women, that hangs below the waist, and usually below the knees. Can be made of cloth, fur, or leather. In pop culture, it is associated with the mob or other criminal organizations (IE the Mafia), cyber-heros (Neo) or the goth lifestyle. Full length provides greater warmth compaired to other coats of the same material, and when sitting, prevents wet surfaces from comming in contact with the wearer.
Man, that trench coat looks really cool on him. He is tall so he can wear one well.
by Joseph007 August 16, 2006
1: Named for Bin Laden Slayer, a type game, especially in the Unreal Tournament series, where people are armed with BinSlayer guns (see 2) and translocators, and fight in a very fast paced environment.

2: A type of weapon in a video game, especially in the Unreal Tournament series, that is an instant hit weapon with a telescopic scope, large amount of damage, and splash damage.
I kick ass at BinSlayer games because I am good with aiming quickly with a mouse.

This BinSlayer rifle can tear these people apart so fast!
by Joseph007 June 09, 2007

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