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A person who tries to jump on the photography band-wagon by "Pointing-and-shooting" hundreds of terrible pictures, which they will upload to myspace in an album titled "My Photography", "My Art", or "Critique My work". Always followed up by the person adding "Photography" to their General section, or adding "Photography is my life..." to their About Me.
Bulletin posted at 5;34 by Jake: "Guys check out my photography"
Bulletin posted at 5: 41 by Jake: "C'mon guys I'm a photographer now, check it out"

Joseph: Jake the composition of your pictures are terrible... It looks like you just pointed your camera at whatever flowers or animals or graffiti you saw.... Plus half of them are out of focus, and as it got darker, you didn't change your exposure settings and these pictures didn't come out at all... It looks to me like you are a pseudo-photographer, a fauxtographer.
by Joseph is vegan August 06, 2007

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