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1) The overall sorcery of the Jewish Race.

2) The magic used by a pissed off Jew condemning your financial settlements for the rest of your life.

3) Something that you do not want bestowed upon you.

4) Stronger sorcery than Harry Potter.

5) A Jew with retard strength.
That Jew used his Sheeny Magic and I lost all of my my possessions to the IRS and other Jewish Charities.

Don't piss off that Jew or he will use his Sheeny Magic on you.
by Joseph Smith, Mormon Savior January 08, 2010
The term for being scorching hot on a golf course. Preferably in the first round of a 36-hole nationally-ranked British Links Challenge being played at the Tribute GC in the Colony, TX, in 100+ degree weather.
"The temperature was hot, but DuBay was hotter!"
by Joseph Smith, Mormon Savior December 02, 2009
The process of getting head while hanging on to a basketball rim. If one lets go of the rim before they finish then that is a failure to complete the Jordan.
"Wow, I can't believe she gave Jordan Allen the Jordan!"
"They Jordan Allen'd for a good 40 minutes last night."
by Joseph Smith, Mormon Savior December 02, 2009
To have sex with 4 different women 20+ years older than your current age 4 days or nights in a row. It is called "The Cougar Slam" as a reference to baseball for when you hit a grand slam you score 4 times in a row.
"I can't believe Tyler completed The Cougar Slam. I thought it was it was impossible."
by Joseph Smith, Mormon Savior December 02, 2009
Another word for going to the gym and getting huge so you can pull large amounts of women. Founded in Frisco, TX in 2009 by the entrepreneurs Tyler DuBay and Brantley Carroll.
"Dam son we need to go to the zoo so we can pull those ladies"
by Joseph Smith, Mormon Savior December 03, 2009
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