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This is a device found in hardware stores. It normally sucks paint up the tube in order to be released at the users control onto a roller and then applied to a flat surface. It can also be used for the application of staining decks. The more common use among college kids is to fill it with various types of alcohol. The paintstick holds about 15 ounces of liquid. The paintstick has the advantage over the beerbong because it can use pressure in addition to gravity. The paintstick needs to be filled from a pitcher first, so it is slightly more time consuming. Its basic function could replace the beerbong completely if desired. It is often used as a supplement to those who want to try something new and have a high ability to chug. The current world record holder for the paintstick is probably E.J.
Wilbert: I gotta slam these beers before the game starts, do you guy have a beerbong?
Robby: No, but we have a paintstick. It does the same job but faster.
by Joseph Ihrke March 26, 2008
Etymological history of the term brotus stems far back into the time of the Roman Empire. It is a modern day spin off based on the character description of Brutus, who was the famous assassin of Caesar. To be a brutus to someone is to stab them in the back and show no respect for them. Brotus is the antonym to the word brutus which, is a term that can be described as brotherhood. When someone is close friends with someone they are considered to be their brotus. The term brotus is the masculine version of term. The feminine version of the word is brotusette, and the plural masculine is brotusi.
John: "Is this guy you brought with legit?"
Sampson: "Oh yeah, he's my brotus, we go way back. He's good shit."
by Joseph Ihrke March 23, 2008
This word is a shortened combination of the two words natural and athlete. Some people are athletic because of their work ethic. Others are athletic in large because of their natural ability.
Obviously he works hard, but LeBron James is a nathlete. I wish I had the natural ability that he does.
by Joseph Ihrke March 26, 2008

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