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Anyone who has more than 1000 facebook friends.
Tiffany has like 1100 facebook friends...what a facebook skank!
by Joseph Garboyle December 07, 2010
A microscopic species of bees known to harvest cum in the developing testes of humans and thereby cause their descent from the abdomen (i.e., the reason your balls drop).
"The doctors had to surgically move the undescended testes to the scrotum after an intravenous swarm of cum bees failed to yield results."

Usage note: Not to be confused with Cumby's:
"Man, I really need some cum bees"
"Yeah, me too. Let's go. They have a new Spongebob Squarepants slushie flavor that I really wanted to try."
"No... I mean my balls never dropped."
"Nothing, let's go to Cumby's"
by Joseph Garboyle February 21, 2012
A spin-off of Sesame Street devoid of all gaiety and featuring such mirthless characters as Pisiform, who is, not unjustifiably, referred to as "Pissy-form" by his cross-town rival Patella in an obvious allusion to Oscar the Grouch.
Despite critical acclaim from the medical community, Sesamoid Street could not find its place on TV as it struggled to find acceptance among the key kindergarten demographic.
by Joseph Garboyle February 13, 2012

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