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A conversative gasbag who wants an end to science and intelligence; a spoonfed rich boy who things people care about what he says; the opposite of progress; someone who drops out of the army because of a pimple in his ass.
He hasn't worked a day in his life! What a Rush Limbaugh!
by Joseph Frederick November 12, 2006
Something that's so awkward it puts everyone else to shame; a combination of the words "awkward" and "fantastic."
Pooping in a jacuzzi is the most awktastic thing imaginable.
by Joseph Frederick December 11, 2006
Having school spirit or holding an intense pride in one's place of learning.
She's been to every pep rally and football game, and I hear she painted her face with our school colors. How scholastriotic of her!
by Joseph Frederick December 04, 2006
Phrase signifying the philosophy of "the game," i.e. a pimp must always be up on his game, and a ho must always be down on her business.
"Pimps up, hos down" can be considered an egalitarian worldview.
by Joseph Frederick January 28, 2007
To waste time by visiting Neopets and playing games, usually for the first time since you were fifteen; also a method of procrastination or relieving boredom.
He's neoputzing to avoid his research paper on the mating habits of lemurs.
by Joseph Frederick January 14, 2007
A theory or state of mind wherein Pennsylvania is the center of one's personal or global universe.
Also can be applied to the conspiracy theory that Olyphant, PA is the nexus of the universe.
He's not pennsylcentric because he hates people from New Jersey. I mean, c'mon...Jersey sucks.
by Joseph Frederick October 17, 2007
A person whose only purpose in life it to serve as a dump for others' cunt, i.e. a useless and/or "loose" person.
That idiot cut me off, what a cuntdump!
by Joseph Frederick March 02, 2007
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