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4 definitions by Joseph Fockner

A very short hairy penis.
OH my gosh, that guy i fucked had such a Danny Dick.
by Joseph Fockner June 28, 2010
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The term used for some one havin to take a piss.
Bra i gotta take a dos quatro like right now.
by joseph fockner June 28, 2010
1 0
Your Butt when you poop
I had to lotzentil and my butt hurt
by joseph fockner July 03, 2010
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The term for a chubbier kid who is very hyperactive and chubby.
Damn bro, did you se how annoying that logan fatass was.
i just wanted to hit him so bad.
by Joseph Fockner June 28, 2010
2 5