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1 definition by Joseph Catanzaro

A group of 5-20 children ranging ages to 7-15, that where gangster style clothing and try to act "Gangsta" and try cause trouble, it is also a type of "lose" gang where the young children have a certain "Hang-Out" otherwise known as "turf", these groups are usually disbanded when it is time to go home or there is another engagement where a member has to split from the group. Blowjob Crews never have a consistent amount of people and the numbers are always changing. Most Blowjob Crews like too just look "Gangsta" and don't try to cause trouble or intimidate anyone. Blowjob Crews, in many cases, hate other Blowjob Crews, but in rare cases Blowjob Crews have been know to join to make a bigger Blowjob Crews and sometimes they ally with one another letting the other pass though with out intimidation or harm. Blowjob Crew usually patrol there "turf" from other Blowjob Crews or walk aimlessly around. Blowjob Crew are usually looked down on as a "poser" gangs, but some people have come to embrace this as a part of who they are. See "BJ Crew". (I take full credit in the description and the invention of this definition, Alex Moe is my friend and stole it from me...this is the true definition thank you)
"My God! This is a huge Blowjob Crew I'm going home!"

Moe: "You wanna form a Blowjob Crew and get some friends and hang-out or walk around?"
Katcher: "Sure man!"

Blowjob Crew 1: HEY, YOU GUYS SUCK!!!
Blowjob Crew 2: OH YEAH, SUCK MY DICK!!
(Fight may breakout depending on the violentness of each individual person in the Blowjob Crew 1 and 2)
by Joseph Catanzaro September 19, 2006
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