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For nomal people the mall is a place of shopping and socializing. But for emo ans scene kids its a destination to show "the conformists" their "unique" sence of style.

it should also be noted that Scene Kids and Emos are also conformists for they only come in packs of people dressed alike.
God I hate the mall its just crawling with emos and scene kids, why don't they just get a life
by Joseph Campbell November 23, 2007
A racing game released in the early 2000's staring nicktoons character as racers. Note: The screen shots on the box looked like the game had really good graphics but even when played in the highest resolution the games graphics looked like shit compared to what the screen shots advertised.
Justin: Hey dude did your mom buy you Nicktoons racing?

Joe: Yeah! but the graphics suck ass and it has spongebob in it
by Joseph Campbell November 23, 2007
A teenage rap group from the cherry capital of the world.
The teens were considered local MCs to their audience (consisting mainly of local catholic schoolstudents) and their songs all talked about the life of a catholic school student and the bullshit they constantly had to put up with.
They are most famously noted for their live proformance during the highschool prom at the famous opera house in downtown TC
Dude did he hear dem holy boyz new track? its about the lot!
by Joseph Campbell November 23, 2007
verb. To play Cribbage is to smoke mad blunts.
Damn we played some mad cribbage.
Mr. C is a master of cribbage.
by Joseph Campbell December 10, 2007

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