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3 definitions by Joseph Boldy

individuals who blow their vuvuzela continuously without cessation often in/at inappropriate places/times.
The vuvuzealot ruined my brother's bar mitzvah.

Was he the same guy from your baby shower?

Yes. I hate him.
by Joseph Boldy June 20, 2010
19 6
a psychological affliction where the desire to achieve a specific objective is so strong that one neglects his basal needs.
Abraham: Why are you so groggy?

Charlie: It's my damnbition, Dr. Maslow. I've been up for 4 days writing my 80 page term paper for your class.

Abraham: You should get laid... at a well-constructed buffet.
by Joseph Boldy January 17, 2011
1 0
the act of text messaging while pooping on the toilet.
Mark: I wanted to finish my conversation with Demarcus, but I couldn't procraptinate any longer.

Joni: What did you do?

Mark: I texficated.

Joni: Smooth move.
by Joseph Boldy August 15, 2010
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