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Colorful rubber bands shaped liked various objects or animals. Invented in Birmingham, Alabama. They are becoming increasingly popular among children and even High Schoolers of the East Coast of the U.S. and are usually worn on the wrist.
I traded my green turtle Silly Band for Pedro's red Penguin Silly Band.

Half the kids at school have Silly Bandz. I guess I should get some and trade.
by JosepBroz April 30, 2010
A type of Conspiracy Theory that states that popular websites (for example: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Chatroulette...) have the ability to steal your personal information, hack into your computer, find where you live, etc. This is often proposed by elderly people, paranoid parents, or friends who are not socially active on the internet. These rarely catch on and the vary from person to person.
Ethan refuses to get a Facebook because he believes in the Conspiranet Theory that Facebook can advertise and sell your personal information.

I haven't touched my computer ever since I heard the Conspiranet Theory that Google knows all about me based on my internet searches.

Bobby's mom won't let him go on websites that require user names to use because she learned of a Conspiranet Theory during her book club meeting.
by JosepBroz April 06, 2010
When your bored with your friends and you have nothing better to do than build a few homemade explosives.
Ethan went insane last weekend after we gave him our bug-spray flame thrower during our Pyro-Orgy.

My dad found out about the Pyro-Orgy I had with my buddies the other day. It probably wasn't smart to do it near the pile of dry leaves and branches.
by JosepBroz May 09, 2010

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