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A time in a young motorcyclist's life when he or she is fed up with their inadequate Japanese motorcycle and wants to trade up for a Desmo Ducati but can't due to lack of funds. This is also a common activity done by ducati owners when during the winter months or on days unsuitable for riding.
Victims of Ducati Dreaming can be spotted in a class or work setting, browsing through ducati vids on youtube or visiting Ducati.com
Teacher: Joe, is what you are looking at on ducati.com have anything to do with psych 101?

Joe: Sorry professor I am suffering from Ducati Dreaming
by Josef Campbell January 05, 2010
Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools. widely known for its hott girls and the educational priority of highschool athletics over everything. Also noted as the "drug running" school of the 2006-2007 school year.
At GTACS your child will join a click and sign up for a sport or be an absolute outcast.

by the way we are better then every one because we believe in God and have a nice football team.

remember: faith, family,atheltics I mean academics!
by Josef Campbell August 17, 2008
In a pack pack of hot chick there is always a couple of fat cock blockers. they are always guarding the good stuff like trhe blimps did WWI. they also serve the same purpose as they did many years ago as they make approaching the hotties less apealing.
Me:"Well Judd I would go in and drop a couple lines to those chicks but thet're is a couple hindenburgs on our sixith, better pull out of this while we still can"

Judd:"Roger that Joe comence fat chick extraction"
by Josef Campbell July 27, 2008
Ronald Reagan's personal cold war yacht that he won for winning the cold war. It was the site of many lavish parties for conservatives.
The ship was used for George Bush's famous "Mission Accomplished" speech when GW landed a harrier on the ships deck.
Me:The 2003 US Open was the shit! do remember when Ronald Reagan attended aboard his yacht?
Josh: You mean the USS Ronald Reagan?
by Josef Campbell December 23, 2009
what a cunt!
by Josef Campbell August 17, 2008
A small former Soviet republic that had the living shit bombed out of by the Soviets (I mean Russian federation) for being the most pro-western of the former USSR states. this move may have sparked the begining of a second cold war
Georgia is an ally to the US
by Josef Campbell August 17, 2008

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