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The amazing act of having both your balls in a pussy while your penis is in the asshole of the very girl who's pussy contains your balls.
"Yo dude last night I totally shoved my balls in this girl's pussy while I was fuckin' her in the ass."

"Why the hell didn't you just call it a Mickley Dip you fucking moron?"
by JoseGfromWhitehall December 31, 2007
A slang term for honey; the only kind of skeet acceptable on the chin of a hetero male; The skeet of a bee... see "skeet" for helpful definition
Bee-Skeet Nut Cheerios; Bee-skeet Bunches of Oats, Bee-skeet Mustard dressing; "Chicken Nuggest taste better dipped in bee-skeet"

"That is some sweet-tasting bee-skeet."
by JoseGfromWhitehall December 31, 2007
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