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GOD - the AWESOME creator, who is full of LOVE, out of his love came all the Universe, stars, sun, moons, milky way, earth, plants and animals and human beings!! And HE had a special place in his heart for us, human beings, for we were created to be united with HIM after our lives on earth, when our souls leave this human form or body. HE loved us so much that HE Himself came dowon to earth, showing us how to live our lives so as to be reunited with HIM (for that's where we came from!!) - but since what HE said wasn't sweet for our ears we killed HIM (and conitinue to do so with our daily sinful ways of living!!) and thought that we had done it - and yes we did - thru HIS death HE conquered sin and so now we have all been saved from eternal damnation!!!!
I don't know what to write here!!!! GOD!!! Please help me!!!
by Jose Thomas July 05, 2006
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