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3 definitions by Jose J

A cougar that is drunk and horny ready to pounce on a young man at bar at a moments notice, usually with disregaurd to the people around her or him, basicaly sleazing herself on a young man.
Dude I was at the club with my college teacher last weekend and she became a live cougar because all of sudden after a few yager shots she was all over my nuts!
by Jose J April 25, 2008
The study of cougars and cougar hunting and spitting game to them, those who pick up hotter older women and are good at it are cougologoists and are experts in cougology, but only if the women are hot.
Cougar Hunter: Hey homie im trying to pick up on some cougars at my local bar Elliot's where a bunch of cougs hang out but I dont know what to say.

Cougologist: No problem homie lets have some shots at my pad and I'll give you a lesson in cougology so you can spit mad game, then we'll both go down there, im down for some cougar hunting tonight.
by Jose J July 16, 2008
A man who is an expert in cougology
Cougar Hunter: Jose how is it that you are so great at spitting game at cougar's, teach me!

Cougologist: It just comes natural to me buddy, and I'm a cougologist I'm an expert in sweet talking these cougars, it will be easiest for YOU when she's a live cougar, pay attention!
by Jose J July 16, 2008