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A situation in which leaves you in a suggestible position for painful, embarrasing and/or discouraging consequences
The prison guard's words "Don't drop the soap" was the only time he had before the inmates raped him

Crap!, I dropped the soap and my house got repo-ed. I'm totally f---ed now!
by Jose Gomez June 20, 2006
A short-lived anime(8/1/03-8/13/03)known for its crazy and confusing plot and these characters:

Naota Nandaba-a stubborn 12 year old boy who didn't see a loss of his innocence coming

Mamimi Samejima-a 17 year old girl who fondled and sweet-talked the crap out of Naota and screamed sexual frustration when her old boyfriend went off her radar.

Eri Ninamori-a rather communistic dominatrix who came close to making Naota her cat and herself the owner(in a sexual way)but gave it up

Haruko Haruhara-a 20-ish alien girl known to have whacked Naota silly with a bass guitar in search of a portal and caused citywide accidents with her Vespa

Amarao-the boss of some Earth protection agency and a real jerk with the ladies

Kitsurubami-a female officer of Amarao's agency who keep resisting Amarao's fakish charms in a "no means no!" way

Canti-a crazy robot that came out of Naota's head and became "the person of the future", even when the Atomsk comes around and is portrayed as an idol of Mamimi's worship

Kamon Nandaba-an old coot on Viagra and desperate for Haruko, is the father of Naota

Shigekuni Nandaba-a less frequent guest, he is the grandfather of Naota which does nothing but sit around and relive his good old days

Takun-Mamimi's subversive name for Naota, her black cat and almost every little thing that comes her way

Masashi and Gaku-Naota's friends and crazy cynicalists at large(Gaku sometimes get into Naota's face and accuses him of doing the fooly cooly and Naota had no knowledge of it)

Miya-Jun Miyaji Junko-Naota's teacher which has a personality that scares whatever it is inside of you

A japanese term for rubbing the woman's breasts

Yo!, last night I fooly cooly this woman and I got a mace to my face and a free night behind the slammer!

Flcl was a great show that the entire population of Baychester left town and went to Mabase, Japan.

by Jose Gomez June 20, 2006
A plan which is useful in every natural or manmade disaster and involves one word: Run!!!
Susan: Honey, can't we listen to the d--n radio, for an evacuation plan from thwe city?

Steve: We have our own--run!!, run mofo run!!!
by Jose Gomez September 06, 2006
To instantly become wiser, interested or to getting the idea for the sake of one's feelings or interests--like a light bulb.
Jack:(smiling slyly to himself)I wonder what's in that shirt of that girl over--

Wilson:(smacking Jack across the back of his head)Turn it on, will ya?
by Jose Gomez March 03, 2008
When someone pretends to borrow a buck or more in dollar bills and then runs off with it leaving the victim pennyless.
Sarah: Oh look, the Salvation Army is doing donations for the Christmas season.

Lenny: No stupid, it's a bum on a buck run.
(background: Woo-hoo! I'm rich! Goodbye sucker, hello Absolut!)
by Jose Gomez October 05, 2006
Although almost impossible to be achieved or attempted, is the re-correction of one's actions or observations in a discouraging way.
(Assuming two people are drunk, one sober)
Rich: I'm tellin' ya, to dial for help is 9-11
Jack: No ya damass!! It's 9-1-2
Mick: Believe it or not, it's 9-1-1
Rich: Oh snap!, you just got flipmoded!!
by Jose Gomez June 28, 2006
A term used to expose the apparent fault or downfall of one's success, pride or dignity in a hilarious way; to be put down by one or more people.

See pawned, own3d and pawn3d
What's this? Your mom took your allowance money away as punishment to spend on her lingerie? You're owned!!
by Jose Gomez June 22, 2006

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