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3 definitions by Jose Chavez

The Best Restuarant ever!
Quakers Wings are the best
by Jose Chavez September 09, 2003
After sex, with a condom, you do not throw it away, but instead you slap your partner in the face with a used condom.
I told my sexual partner to look in a northern direction, and when they turned back, I Jimmy Whipped them.
by Jose Chavez March 25, 2005
When a male ejaculator, carefully jisms's on the womans overgrown pubic hair, then ripping the glue like combination of the hair, and the jiz, off, and place it on one of the girls eyes. You then proceed to kick the bitch in the shin, and watch her hop around like a one eyed pirate.
My bitch was acting up so i gave her a black beard.
by Jose Chavez March 24, 2005