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3 definitions by Jorgenstein

A day in which a multitude of perplexing problems get in the way, including:

1. Having to wake up
2. Having to have your bowl
3. Having to get ready
4. Having to catch your bus
5. Having to wait for the bus
6. Seeing your friends kickin in the front seat and sittin in the back seat
7. Having to make your mind up: which seat you can take?
8. Everybody looking forward to the weekend

After which the following ensues:

1. Getting down
2. Partying
3. Partying
4. Yeah
5. Fun
6. Fun
7. Fun
8. Fun
Girlfriend: Mornin honey. What day is it?
Boyfriend: Well lets see. If yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, then today it is Friday Friday! We we we so excited!
by Jorgenstein April 09, 2011
10 1
One who perpetuates acts of promiscuity outwardly; a slut, only in a more proper sense.
Guy: "Damn. I always thought Jenny was so sophistocated, but today she just walked right up to this guy and made out with him WITH HER BOYFRIEND WATCHING."

Other Guy: "Yeah, she always was quite the promiscuitor."
by Jorgenstein October 14, 2011
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|prōfp| - An abbreviation of "Profile Picture."
"Dude, I love your new profp!"
"Yeah, I just updated it last night!"
by jorgenstein February 24, 2011
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