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Big black dude. NFL lineman or truck driver sized. Sometimes works as bouncer a night clubs or as "event security". Generally presents a professional persona; but don't argue with him or injure his self esteem... all hell will break loose. (Show him some respect because he might be working his way through medical school or raising 6 younger siblings.)
Hey girls we will have to sneak in the back door. Tyronosaurus Rex said the cover charge is $10 tonight and I ain't payin for all five of you bitches to get in.
by Jorge Trashe October 17, 2009
hideous gotesque latina (psudo-spanish). ugly hispanic female, often signs hirsutism (Hirsutism from Latin hirsutus = shaggy, hairy) is excessive and increased hair growth on female humans in locations where the occurrence of terminal hair normally is minimal or absent.
Paco will be forever traumatized by his blind date with la hideosa, Bertha, his sister's best friend.
by Jorge Trashe October 17, 2009
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